The schedule at work dropped of quite a bit. I went from my 40 hours a week before New Years, to 37 hours the week after. The following week I was down to 23 hours. And this week, I am scheduled for 5 whole hours.  I could always get called in to cover a shift, or possibly pick up a shift at another location. But for the most part, I’m SOL.

So, I thought I would make the most of this time. I have books to read, things to clean, make-up brushes to wash, laundry to do, crafts to craft……..which can only mean one thing: I wound up with the stomach flu.

So for the better part of this week, if my posts come out looking or sounding a little bit wonky, there’s good reason for it. Not only am I forced to be within 25 feet of a toilet at all times, I’m really wear and light headed from not being able to keep food in my body for very long. Also, I usually blog from my desktop computer, which I can’t exactly bring into the bathroom with me. So, I’ll be trying to get my WordPress app to work on the new iPad, or possibly on my phone.

The Amazingly Awesome Boyfriend made sure I have plenty of soup, and there’s Law & Order SVU on Netflix. My little Bowser Kitten is keeping a close eye on me, and naps next to me. Hopefully this all passes quickly. I’m really not good at just relaxing. I need to find little things to do at least to stay busy. But it’s damn near impossible to do laundry and wash the kitchen floor when you’re chained to a toilet.