A Brief Change in Schedule

Every year at our store, corporate decides we need to reorganize everything. Usually, it’s not a big deal. My Work Bestie and I come in at 6 am every day for a week, pull all the bottles off the shelves one section at a time, wash the shelves, and re-planogram everything. This typically means moving a few bottles a shelf up or down or moving everything 2 inches to the left.

Our store opens at 10 am, so we were usually let go by 11 am. Monday to Thursday, we worked 6am-11am, with the Friday keeping us until 2:30 pm to finish up the last section we had. We didn’t both with the cold room since we reorganize that constantly as the seasonal products change.

It’s a nice change of pace for us. We like that we’re trusted to be in the store alone. We can throw on the radio, talk about stuff we can’t talk about in front of other co-workers, and get a bit silly. We work really hard, but we’re able to goof off while we do it. So, when planograms were announced for this year, we said, of course, we’d do them.

Well, we finally looked at the actual planograms on Saturday.  And we’re a little bit screwed now.

For starters, the boss knew this year there was more work than usual and that we never get around to doing the cold room.  So instead of an early morning shift, we’re on midnights. Starting tonight, we work 9:15 pm to 5:45 am. This wouldn’t be so bad if my body was on board with it. I stayed up late Saturday night so that I could sleep in on Sunday, but wound up waking up kinda early (for a Sunday at least). So I stayed up a bit last night with every intention of sleeping until at least 1 pm today. Instead, I was wide awake by 10 am.

Now, as for the planograms themselves, it’s like 10 times more work than usual. As I said, it’s usually just cleaning shelves and shifting things around a bit. The worst is usually local wines because they regroup them all the time.

Well this year, they decided to move all of the clear spirits all the way across the store. We usually keep them on a wall, 5 shelves high. Now, we’re moving them to shelves right across from the whiskey wall, so that all the high theft items are closer together (and easier to watch). So we have to move every single European wine clear across the store, take everything off of the shelves in two different sections at once (at the very least), scrub everything down, and reorganize it according to the diagrams.

As I said, we’ve planogrammed before, both in our full store and in this location before we opened. That time the shelves were completely empty and we had to rely fully on the diagram. And that was ridiculous to get done.

And now, we’re doing that same thing all over again.

This is going to be a damn long week for me, Sunshine.

At least this schedule works out well for the Amazingly Awesome Boyfriend and I. Usually my alarm clock for him goes off at 5:35 am, and he hits snooze once or twice. So with me getting done at 5:45 am (and my Work Bestie driving me home), I’ll be able to see him before he goes to work. Then I can sleep while he’s at work, and hop in the shower before he gets home. Then we have the evening together before I leave for work. We’ll get to see each other more than when I’m on the closing shift.

Then, once this is all over, it’s back to normal. I get off work Saturday at 5:45 am. Then I’m back at it again Sunday at 10:45 am.  This is going to be a damn long week.

So I went to the post office to pick up my package today because I knew it was the WIRELESS keyboard I ordered. I ordered it specifically because it said it was a WIRELESS keyboard, as the way my desk is set up a keyboard I have to plug into the computer wouldn’t work out very well. So I lug this much-too-large box home with my WIRELESS keyboard inside, get home, and open up the box. Inside is a box, inside which was a keyboard that most definitely WAS NOT A WIRELESS KEYBOARD!!!!! Now I have to go through all the hassle of sending it back, getting a refund, and ordering a new wireless keyboard, and then waiting for the damn thing to arrive.
*had to write this on my phone, because I’m stuck with the messed up keyboard for now

Hey there Sunshine,

M<y keyboard has crapped out somehow. I had it cleaned out and everything, but the keys are sticking. My friend said it’s because I got a cheap peice of crap keyboard that should’ve only lasted a year, and I’ve been using it for three years now.

It’s ttttttttttttttttttttaken me like 15 minnnnnnutes to typppe this. I””ve givvven up on corrrrrrrrrrrrrrcting it. It leaves out sme letttttters and throooooooooooooopws in others. Ordrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd a new one on Amazon, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhld be hgere sooooooooooon.

How Not To Keep Your Job — Update

OK, so things with The Kid got interesting during his last shift.  Aside from snapping at me that he already knew how to do everything (when I was trying to show him how to do something he hadn’t done before), he made a big bunch of glaring errors.  Then, at the end of the night while everyone was cashing out, a few of us ran to the back to throw our uniform shirts in our lockers and change into regular clothes. I had on my jeans and work boots, and a very high-cut tank top (which I made sure showed zero cleavage, since The Kid seemed so nervous even serving a customer with big boobs, let alone having to work alongside a set of Double D’s), and a co-worker threw on a pair of shorts. When the shift leader asked him what he drawer total was, The Kid started to answer, but mid-number he just mumbled and stared at my chest.

Now, I’m used to people staring at my chest. Hell, even I stare at my chest sometimes. It’s damn, near majestic. But The Kid sat there with his jaw dropped open, eyes wide, and was almost drooling while he stared at my non-existent cleavage. I even asked a coworker if maybe my shirt had been pulled down a bit while I was lifting drawers. But it was pulled almost up to my collar bone.

Still, The Kid sat there gape-jawed and silent while the shift leader asked him THREE TIMES what his total was.

The next day, on my laid-back Kid-less Sunday shift, a senior co-worker asked if I noticed any issues with The Kid that we could address. Now, we had been making lists of things he did wrong, not to shame him or get him in trouble, but to make sure we knew what to go over with him the next time he was in. Well this list was more than a page front and back.

Very long story short, the other night The Kid came in for his shift. The Big Boss Man made all the other people getting ready to count their drawers go out and do stock while he and the assistant manager had a “little talk” with The Kid. A few minutes later, The Kid was escorted out of the building, never to be seen again.

The Big Boss Man came around to each of us on shift that night to let us know that The Kid was “no longer under our employment”.

Shocker, I know!

(Actually, my reaction was,”Really? gee, no one saw THAT coming!” in the most Daria-esque sarcastic tone I could muster).

So it turns out, that last post really WAS a list of things to do to make sure you Do Not Keep Your Job.

Hope you’re having a better weekend than The Kid, Sunshine. We have our strike deadline at 12:01am Monday (so tomorrow night), so there may be some Customer Service posts coming up from that. Also, I’m working on a series on files you need to keep. I mean, filing is probably the least fun and sexy thing you can think of right now, but keeping certain things filed away in an orderly manner can save you a RIDICULOUS amount of times sometimes. Time that could be spent on much more fun and sexy things.

Aaaand I’m back!

So things have been…….. interesting to say the least. We’ve got a full house around here yet again. Me and Amazingly Awesome Boyfriend are still here with the world’s most fierce and precious King Bowser Koopa kitten-cat. M has the other room upstairs with us, and his girlfriend B is over ALL the time. She has the door code, she stays here when he leaves for the weekend, and just comes and goes all the time. In the basement, we’ve got R (who works a few jobs and is NEVER home) and A (who was M’s roommate on campus at some point). No one really hangs out together (aside from the couples being together), no one really talks much, and no one is really home much.

Still, it’s been trying. For some reason, people just started bringing in kitchen appliances to their rooms and cooking there. We had space heaters and fans and microwaves and hot plates all over the damn house. Landlord put a stop to that, and put me in charge of the thermostat. We had the AC on when it was like 70 outside!

Still, it’s not even 70 outside today, and M has his giant industrial fan going full blast. I’m in a freakin hoodie and sweatpants while I get ready for work, and this boy has his fan blasting like it’s the middle of August.

I’ve had some pretty messed up stuff going on with me at work too. Got a pay raise, then it was taken away from me because of a technicality with the union. We’re in strike position, and could be on strike in a little over 2 weeks. And the mental strain of the job is really starting to get to me. I sell alcohol for a living, and have a curse put on me where people just randomly start telling me their life stories. I’ve had people detail their alcoholism to me, tell me how smart they think they are for “hiding” it from their families, how their families try to “ruin them” (which is actually trying to help them), how they just got out of rehab or are on their way to detox or how they stole money from a relative or loved one and they’re there spending it on booze for a massive bender. Having people in my life who have substance problems, and knowing what it feels like to be those family members, this is REALLY starting to get to me.

There’s been so much more going on too. The hunt for a new jobs is getting harder. A friend of mine passed away suddenly (he wasn’t even 30, just got engaged) and I took that kinda hard. AAB and I have had our issues together (he went away to stay with his folks for a bit to work on something, and we’ve had to spend a lot of energy and time working on our issues together).  On top of this is the usual work drama, family drama, house drama, general life drama.

A good friend of mine at work and I got to talking after a very rough patch of work crapola went down. We’ve both agreed to spend more time on our artistic endeavours, find something meaningful in our lives outside of the usual work-grind. I’ve been writing a bit in my massive collection of notebooks, reading a bunch, watching some stuff online that is NOT just a rerun of Friends. Oh, and marathoning Vine compilations in the background while I work at home.

So, I’m actually making an effort to create more content. Figured out my main problem is I have endless ideas, but think and talk faster than I can type. So I wind up abandoning things half-finished because my brain has moved on to the next idea, which I will later abandon when my brain moves on again. Maybe I should get a Vlog or something, just ramble to the masses on YouTube?

No matter what, I’ll be around Sunshine.

Stomach Flu Woes.

So that stomach bug that’s going around hit me HARD this week! I’m starting to feel better now, but it’s been rough.

Sunday night after work, I had a meeting with some coworkers. Had some pizza and two glasses of wine while I was there. Felt fine, just a little run down. Got home, curled up on the bed to watch some old school Gordon Ramsay reruns with the Amazingly Awesome Boyfriend. Poured another glass of wine, since I had the next day off anyway. About half way through, it felt like I had just chugged two bottles. The room started spinning a bit, my balance was off, and my stomach felt weird. Dumped out my wine, chugged some water, felt a bit better. I just figured, with the stress of the last few weeks, my body had enough of everything and wanted to sleep. So, I curled up in bed.

About an hour later, the room was spinning like crazy. I tried the old “put one foot flat on  the floor” trick, and that did nothing. Decided to go to the bathroom just in case, and that when the trouble really started.

I stayed up, stumbling from the bedroom to the bathroom, for the next few hours. It looked and felt like everything I had consumed in the last three days was shooting out of my body through one exit or another.

The next morning, AAB made sure my water bottle was full, the kettle was full, and there was soup in the cupboard before he went to work. And I somehow slept until almost 1pm (for comparison, today I slept in a lot more than usual and was awake before 10am). For the first time since the three days I spent in quarantine years ago, I spent the entire day in bed. I tried to stay hydrated, eat some soup and toast, but nothing stayed in me long.

And this lasted for days.

On Tuesday I did a little online training for work, and threw on Sims3 for the rest of the day (and yes, I’m one of those people who kills of random Sims for fun). By Wednesday I had some energy back enough to deal with the student loan people on the phone, and to get laundry done (mainly because I threw up in the dirty clothes basket).

Thursday I had to go back to work for a half shift, and barely made it through. Friday I had ALL the energy and spent the day cleaning, and only threw up once. By Saturday the vomiting seemed to have stopped, although I’ve felt pretty queasy on and off all day today.

In all of this, I started about 8 different blog posts, but didn’t have the energy or focus to follow through with any of them. So hopefully today, I can go through the bits and pieces of what I wrote and find some semblance of a storyline in there somewhere.

Hope you’re staying healthy out there, Sunshine!