Shout-Out Saturday

I realized that I get my inspiration for this blog from so many different places. I mean, there’s blogs, books, situations, people………. It’s not fair that I keep all the glory (and resources) to myself. ┬áSo, as often as I can, I want to give a quick shout-out to the people out there that inspire this blog, that help this blog, and that provide endless sources of info for this blog.

Today, it’s one of my new favourites: Unfuck Your Habits. I honestly started following this blog for the daily “go make your bed” reminders. Then, I started actually reading through some of the stuff they post.

It’s truly amazing how many people see this blog and think, “Hey, I can unfuck my life too!” They take submissions, showing people who had a room/corner/bathtub/pile of clothes that was just getting damn nasty. The before and after pictures after following UYH’s advice is amazing!

And their advice is easy to follow and makes you feel like you’re really accomplishing something. I tried using their 20/10 advice (20 minutes of cleaning, 10 minute break) while attempting to unfuck the rats nest that is my house. It makes seeing your progress so much easier! My giant tangled lump of necklaces looked more manageable when I took 10 minutes to rest and ponder the best approach to separating them. And my jewellery has never looked so clean and organized ┬ábefore! On one of the 10 minutes breaks, I realized I could clean out an old jewellery box I was using for bangles and odds-&-ends and use to hide away the earrings Bowser keeps trying to attack!

And it’s not just cleaning that they focus on here. Need to work on your study habits? Eating habits? Get rid of bad habits? UYH touches on all of this! While their main focus is on cleaning (and they have some amazing printable resources to help with that), they can help you plan out a study schedule, plan healthy meals, and so much more!

So if you get the chance, Sunshine, Unfuck Your Habits is a total treasure trove of excellent unfucking advice. And besides, who doesn’t love bettering themselves while freely being able to use the word “fuck”?