A Brief Change in Schedule

Every year at our store, corporate decides we need to reorganize everything. Usually, it’s not a big deal. My Work Bestie and I come in at 6 am every day for a week, pull all the bottles off the shelves one section at a time, wash the shelves, and re-planogram everything. This typically means moving a few bottles a shelf up or down or moving everything 2 inches to the left.

Our store opens at 10 am, so we were usually let go by 11 am. Monday to Thursday, we worked 6am-11am, with the Friday keeping us until 2:30 pm to finish up the last section we had. We didn’t both with the cold room since we reorganize that constantly as the seasonal products change.

It’s a nice change of pace for us. We like that we’re trusted to be in the store alone. We can throw on the radio, talk about stuff we can’t talk about in front of other co-workers, and get a bit silly. We work really hard, but we’re able to goof off while we do it. So, when planograms were announced for this year, we said, of course, we’d do them.

Well, we finally looked at the actual planograms on Saturday.  And we’re a little bit screwed now.

For starters, the boss knew this year there was more work than usual and that we never get around to doing the cold room.  So instead of an early morning shift, we’re on midnights. Starting tonight, we work 9:15 pm to 5:45 am. This wouldn’t be so bad if my body was on board with it. I stayed up late Saturday night so that I could sleep in on Sunday, but wound up waking up kinda early (for a Sunday at least). So I stayed up a bit last night with every intention of sleeping until at least 1 pm today. Instead, I was wide awake by 10 am.

Now, as for the planograms themselves, it’s like 10 times more work than usual. As I said, it’s usually just cleaning shelves and shifting things around a bit. The worst is usually local wines because they regroup them all the time.

Well this year, they decided to move all of the clear spirits all the way across the store. We usually keep them on a wall, 5 shelves high. Now, we’re moving them to shelves right across from the whiskey wall, so that all the high theft items are closer together (and easier to watch). So we have to move every single European wine clear across the store, take everything off of the shelves in two different sections at once (at the very least), scrub everything down, and reorganize it according to the diagrams.

As I said, we’ve planogrammed before, both in our full store and in this location before we opened. That time the shelves were completely empty and we had to rely fully on the diagram. And that was ridiculous to get done.

And now, we’re doing that same thing all over again.

This is going to be a damn long week for me, Sunshine.

At least this schedule works out well for the Amazingly Awesome Boyfriend and I. Usually my alarm clock for him goes off at 5:35 am, and he hits snooze once or twice. So with me getting done at 5:45 am (and my Work Bestie driving me home), I’ll be able to see him before he goes to work. Then I can sleep while he’s at work, and hop in the shower before he gets home. Then we have the evening together before I leave for work. We’ll get to see each other more than when I’m on the closing shift.

Then, once this is all over, it’s back to normal. I get off work Saturday at 5:45 am. Then I’m back at it again Sunday at 10:45 am.  This is going to be a damn long week.


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