Aaaand I’m back!

So things have been…….. interesting to say the least. We’ve got a full house around here yet again. Me and Amazingly Awesome Boyfriend are still here with the world’s most fierce and precious King Bowser Koopa kitten-cat. M has the other room upstairs with us, and his girlfriend B is over ALL the time. She has the door code, she stays here when he leaves for the weekend, and just comes and goes all the time. In the basement, we’ve got R (who works a few jobs and is NEVER home) and A (who was M’s roommate on campus at some point). No one really hangs out together (aside from the couples being together), no one really talks much, and no one is really home much.

Still, it’s been trying. For some reason, people just started bringing in kitchen appliances to their rooms and cooking there. We had space heaters and fans and microwaves and hot plates all over the damn house. Landlord put a stop to that, and put me in charge of the thermostat. We had the AC on when it was like 70 outside!

Still, it’s not even 70 outside today, and M has his giant industrial fan going full blast. I’m in a freakin hoodie and sweatpants while I get ready for work, and this boy has his fan blasting like it’s the middle of August.

I’ve had some pretty messed up stuff going on with me at work too. Got a pay raise, then it was taken away from me because of a technicality with the union. We’re in strike position, and could be on strike in a little over 2 weeks. And the mental strain of the job is really starting to get to me. I sell alcohol for a living, and have a curse put on me where people just randomly start telling me their life stories. I’ve had people detail their alcoholism to me, tell me how smart they think they are for “hiding” it from their families, how their families try to “ruin them” (which is actually trying to help them), how they just got out of rehab or are on their way to detox or how they stole money from a relative or loved one and they’re there spending it on booze for a massive bender. Having people in my life who have substance problems, and knowing what it feels like to be those family members, this is REALLY starting to get to me.

There’s been so much more going on too. The hunt for a new jobs is getting harder. A friend of mine passed away suddenly (he wasn’t even 30, just got engaged) and I took that kinda hard. AAB and I have had our issues together (he went away to stay with his folks for a bit to work on something, and we’ve had to spend a lot of energy and time working on our issues together).  On top of this is the usual work drama, family drama, house drama, general life drama.

A good friend of mine at work and I got to talking after a very rough patch of work crapola went down. We’ve both agreed to spend more time on our artistic endeavours, find something meaningful in our lives outside of the usual work-grind. I’ve been writing a bit in my massive collection of notebooks, reading a bunch, watching some stuff online that is NOT just a rerun of Friends. Oh, and marathoning Vine compilations in the background while I work at home.

So, I’m actually making an effort to create more content. Figured out my main problem is I have endless ideas, but think and talk faster than I can type. So I wind up abandoning things half-finished because my brain has moved on to the next idea, which I will later abandon when my brain moves on again. Maybe I should get a Vlog or something, just ramble to the masses on YouTube?

No matter what, I’ll be around Sunshine.