Stomach Flu Woes.

So that stomach bug that’s going around hit me HARD this week! I’m starting to feel better now, but it’s been rough.

Sunday night after work, I had a meeting with some coworkers. Had some pizza and two glasses of wine while I was there. Felt fine, just a little run down. Got home, curled up on the bed to watch some old school Gordon Ramsay reruns with the Amazingly Awesome Boyfriend. Poured another glass of wine, since I had the next day off anyway. About half way through, it felt like I had just chugged two bottles. The room started spinning a bit, my balance was off, and my stomach felt weird. Dumped out my wine, chugged some water, felt a bit better. I just figured, with the stress of the last few weeks, my body had enough of everything and wanted to sleep. So, I curled up in bed.

About an hour later, the room was spinning like crazy. I tried the old “put one foot flat on  the floor” trick, and that did nothing. Decided to go to the bathroom just in case, and that when the trouble really started.

I stayed up, stumbling from the bedroom to the bathroom, for the next few hours. It looked and felt like everything I had consumed in the last three days was shooting out of my body through one exit or another.

The next morning, AAB made sure my water bottle was full, the kettle was full, and there was soup in the cupboard before he went to work. And I somehow slept until almost 1pm (for comparison, today I slept in a lot more than usual and was awake before 10am). For the first time since the three days I spent in quarantine years ago, I spent the entire day in bed. I tried to stay hydrated, eat some soup and toast, but nothing stayed in me long.

And this lasted for days.

On Tuesday I did a little online training for work, and threw on Sims3 for the rest of the day (and yes, I’m one of those people who kills of random Sims for fun). By Wednesday I had some energy back enough to deal with the student loan people on the phone, and to get laundry done (mainly because I threw up in the dirty clothes basket).

Thursday I had to go back to work for a half shift, and barely made it through. Friday I had ALL the energy and spent the day cleaning, and only threw up once. By Saturday the vomiting seemed to have stopped, although I’ve felt pretty queasy on and off all day today.

In all of this, I started about 8 different blog posts, but didn’t have the energy or focus to follow through with any of them. So hopefully today, I can go through the bits and pieces of what I wrote and find some semblance of a storyline in there somewhere.

Hope you’re staying healthy out there, Sunshine!

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