Customer Service Hell: Charity Donations

Twice a year at my store, we are asked to ask customers if they would like to donate to a certain charity. This year, we also had a third round of this, with all monies going to the Canadian Red Cross to help the people of Fort McMurray during those devastating wild fire.

Now, keep in mind, we are only asking IF you would like to donate. We’re not FORCING you to donate. We’re not asking your personal opinion on this specific charity. We don’t care if your roommate’s sister’s dog’s veterinarian’s secretary once read a website 11 years ago saying that this charity is crooked. We’re just doing what we’re told to do in our daily work.

That being said, here’s a small collection of reactions I’ve had to “Would you like to make a small donation to X?” (Everything here is pretty much paraphrased, since I’m not allowed to record customers, and it’s frowned upon to stop working to write down exactly what a customer just said to me so I can laugh at them later)

  • “Well why should I give them money? No one ever gives me free money! Why aren’t you collecting money for me?!?!”
    Well buddy, you’re not a registered charity. 
  • “What the hell do sick kids need money for? They don’t pay bills, they have parents for that! What kind of scam are you running?”
    Yeah, because we’re collecting money for sick kids to buy Ferraris and tour Europe, not to help with their medical expenses or anything.
  • (In response to being asked to donate to help wildfire victims) “Do you have any idea how much money people make out there?  They can afford to rebuild for themselves!”
    They just lost EVERYTHING, including for some those high paying jobs you’re talking about. They also have to rebuild work, schools, homes, businesses, public buildings, forest land…………
  • “Do you have any idea how much the CEO makes? I heard it’s more than $500,000 a year! I’m not giving more money just to line HIS pockets!”
    First, no the local CEO of this certain charity doesn’t make anywhere near $500,000 a year. Secondly, he is a CEO, which means he has all the responsibilities of a corporate CEO, just in the non-profit sector. And third, if you’re so hell-bent on curbing CEO salaries, why are you shopping here?
  • “My friend worked as their bookkeeper a few years ago, and he said that what he saw would make anyone never donate to them again.”
    Understandable, but I know the bookkeeper of this charity, and SHE has had her job there for more than 20 years. Unless your friend was 7 when he had the job, you’re full of shit buddy.
  • “Why should I give them my money? I work hard for my money! Stop trying to take my hard-earned money you c…….”
    You can guess what that C word was, or you can try to Understand it Next Tuesday. The guy who said this has called multiple girls at my store this word, and is famous for throwing a fit when asked for donations. I always feel bad when a new girl gets him at her till before we can warn her.
    Seriously, this woman just started yelling random jibberish at us until the transaction was complete.

That’s just a few of the ones that stick out in my mind the most right now, Sunshine. Have you had to deal with customers like that? Leave a comment, tell me what YOUR most memorable experience was when you had to ask for donations at work.

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