Playing Around with my Doritos.

Playing Around with my Doritos.


So I showed the new boyfriend a few things on Facebook, mainly Cooking Panda.  We went through a few dozen videos and decided we really need to try a few of them. We settled on Dorito Lasagna (shown in the video above, in all it’s delicious glory).

Not gonna lie, we were a little…….. scared shitless at first. We picked up all the ingredients (canned chilli, Doritos, cheese, and tortillas) Thursday night after work, and set to throwing this all together last night.

Honestly, it was a little scary. Like, “Hey, here’s some perfectly good foods! Lets smash some Dorito chips onto them, smother this thing in cheese, and throw it in the oven and hope it doesn’t catch fire!”

Seriously though, this recipe is totally easy. It’s just layering chilli, chips, cheese, tortillas, and then the chilli, chips, and cheese again. Aside from the possibility of turning into a burning, melting ball of cheese, there’s not much to screw up in this recipe.

And it was damn yummy!

But the best part of this is that last night, he was on his second helping before bed, we sat around and talked about ways to change this up a bit. Maybe some spicy Doritos, taco meat, and salsa? Or ground beef, some sauteed veggies, and a Cool Ranch/Nacho blend?  Basically, you can throw together any combinations you can think of, with any flavour of Doritos you want!

Except dill pickle flavour. Fuck that noise! Who the hell decided “These cheesy nacho chips here are great. But you know what would make them better? Getting rid of the cheese and flavouring them with a fucking pickle!”

So, Sunshine, give this recipe a try with your own unique flair. And let me know how it works out! I am dying to try this one over and over again!

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