So, you may have noticed I went silent again lately. Seriously, I had planned on updating more. I have four roommates, and the newest one is driving me up the wall. I have lists and lists of posts to make.

But, as always, life got in the way.

Beginning of the month, I met a new guy at work. He’s a customer, and we’ve been spending pretty much every weekend hanging out together. That’s the good little bit of life right now. Pretty much the only good part.

Middle of the month, my dad had to go up to London for his ablation. That’s a surgery that is supposed to help with his AFib problem. His heart rate would suddenly go up to over 200bpm in the middle of the night, and he’d have to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance to have his heart shocked back to a normal rhythm. This surgery involved burning off the bad parts of his heart to make the surrounding parts stronger, or something like that. A really nice nurse explained it to a small child like that, which was a hell of a lot easier to understand than all the medical talk they threw at me. So my sister and I went up there to be with mum through all of this. My sister had to leave that night, and I spent the night in a residence with mum. There were a few small complications, and we were almost 6 hours late being discharged while they monitored fluid build-up around his heart. Turns out they had to burn a lot more than they thought they’d have to. Everything turned out fine, and we came home.

That was a week ago Tuesday. By Friday, dad and my brother both had really bad chest colds, with my brother winding up with bronchitis. In the middle of all this, mum caught it too. Now mum was next in line for her heart surgery, and was supposed to go up to London this past Friday for her pre-admission appointment. She needs an aortic valve replacement, and her heart was only pumping at about 35% of what it should have been.

Sunday night, I phone them up to see how everyone is feeling, just to have my brother tell me that dad just rushed mum to the hospital.She was admitted late Monday night, and spent a few days in one hospital here in town. Doctors said she had pneumonia and a blood clot in her heart. So we all have had to wear full quarantine gear around her, in case she’s contagious. Then on Thursday night, she was transferred to the CCU at another hospital where one of her heart doctors works. She’s been there ever since.

The doctors are saying that she has to have her surgery ASAP now, because her heart has gotten weaker. It’s down between 20% and 25% of normal function. She’s been fighting off her pneumonia, and finally got her first shower since Sunday morning today. I’ve been going to see her every chance I get, and so has my sister. Dad is practically living at the hospital right now, taking care of her. I’ve been bussing it all over town, to different hospitals and my work, and haven’t had a break since dad’s surgery. I got called into work on Thursday morning, and was such a wreck that my co-workers were worried. Apparently my hands were shaking so much, I couldn’t use the pricing gun right.

Through all of this, I’ve had to update everyone on Facebook (there’s no phones or internet allowed in the CCU). So between hospital, buses, work, dozens of Facebook messages each day, and dealing with idiot roommates, I am going to just have a total breakdown soon. My parents told me to take tomorrow off everything and get some rest, before I collapse.

So that’s been my life, Sunshine. Sucks, don’t it? But I’m getting through it, day by day. I always say, the world doesn’t stop just because someone sneezes. Life isn’t going to pause itself because someone gets sick. So I’ll be around more soon, hopefully, as soon as everyone around here starts remembering how to be healthy again.

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