A Little Bit Busy Lately

I’m up for a job with a very good government-type business here (can’t say exactly who it’s with) for their temp clerical pool. This could lead to full-time employment with them, which means a salary and benefits and me no longer having to live in a rented room with random university students.

The background check is killing me.

I have to get ALL my transcripts, going back to high school. My high school closed and re-opened as a new school, and apparently no one knows how to answer the phone there. Between that school, my college, and a bank thing I had to attend to, I spent 4 1/2 hours just on hold today. I’ve talk to a total of 2 actual people, and have been leaving voice mails all day.

I have had to call up schools, talk to a private investigator, explain yet again that I have certificates in Microsoft but not official Microsoft training (it was a local company I did my courses through), and am getting the run around on transcripts and credit checks and resume details.

Add to this the flu that is going around. One of my coworkers (a full-time worker who was supposed to be our closing manager all week) is extremely sick right now. She’s been off sick since Saturday, and she’s not one to call in sick. So I’ve been getting a bit more hours, and got called in to close on my day off today.

Add to this the fact that my kitten has his very first Christmas tree, and keeps stealing the ornaments. Most of them are cheap balls from Dollar Tree, but one was an Adventure Time ornament I got last year. Bowser has taken it, and hid it. We’ve been looking for it all day, and can’t find it.

So now it’s 3pm. I’m ready to curl up in a ball and cry, and then eat a whole tin of cookies and drink a big bottle of zinfandel. I am so stressed right now, I can’t stand it!


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