Schedules and Work

Knowing how much I have to get done this week, I had planned on writing and scheduling a whole bunch of posts for the week, to act as filler when I’m too busy to write. I was going to sit at my desk all day, with my research and my notebooks, and do up a bunch of recipes and some much longer posts. Basically, I’d sit down and never get up. So, Saturday night I decided to have a few glasses of wine after the whole broken microwave fiasco.I figured that, if I was just going to be sitting at my desk all day, I could handle a hangover if I over-indulged a little bit.

Bad idea.

You see, on Friday evening, while I was starting my shift at work another co-worker was ending hers. While I was on my register ringing up a line of very chatty customers, she stood a few feet away in the office doorway, shouting questions to me. In order to work on Sundays, you have to sign up ahead of time and hope that no one with higher seniority gets one of the very few Sunday spots. There’s always the chance that someone could call in sick, or the schedule could change, so I sign up for it even if there are already three higher people signed up. So on Friday, my co-worker was yelling at me, asking if I had signed up for this Sunday. I said I did, but there were already three people working that day, and another person above me signed up too. I figured she was just asking to be sure, since we have had some issues with scheduling and availabilities lately.

Anyway, my Friday shift ends, and we all go home. Saturday, I get my phone fixed, pick up a few Christmas gift-basket things, and jump up and down with a bunch of kids in excitement in front of Santa’s Village (long story there, and I freakin love the holiday season). Come home, we have our microwave issue, and I try to teach grown-ups not to put plastic in the oven. After that, the wine started. Oh geez, did it ever start! I work surrounded by wine, and like to take my work home with me sometimes. I always have fixin’s for mixed drinks, more than enough to make a kick-ass Manhattan, and a small variety of both red and white wine, including a box of cheap white wine in the fridge. I may be poor, but I know how to buy when things are on sale and stock up on essentials! Anyway, I put a pretty good dent in that box of white wine on Saturday, waited up for the boyfriend to get home from a fraternity event and a birthday party, and wound up staying awake until after 4am.

On Sunday, just because my co-worker had asked about my availability on Friday, I work up somewhat early, with a hangover that could drop an elephant. I lounged around, waiting to see if I would get a call from work to come in, and I didn’t. About an hour before the store opened (11am), I laid back down for a nap with the kitten. Not two minutes after the store opened, I got a call from the co-worker who was there opening: apparently I had been put on the schedule for noon! I was supposed to be there right then!

So, with my hangover making it damn near impossible to move, I ran like hell for the bathroom. No time to wash my hair, I opted for pigtails and contact lenses. A little mascara and blush and about half a tonne of concealer (for the giant circles under my eyes), I was running out the door so the boyfriend could drop me off at work. Those 4 1/2 hours were pure hell. I had to wear sunglasses for part of my shift, I constantly felt like puking, and my head was pounding the entire time. And to make it worse, I missed both the Bears AND the Lions game!

I could go on, but I doubt you need to hear more about just how crappy I felt. The point it, no one has any idea when the schedule was changed. Usually, if there is a change to the schedule written in, then a manager has to initial them AND write in the date the change was made. That wasn’t done this time though. Someone just crossed out the co-worker’s shift and wrote in mine. One person is claiming it was done Friday night while I was still there. Another says it wasn’t done until Saturday morning.

The point here is to always double and triple check your schedule. If I had checked the schedule on Friday night before I left for the night, then I either would have known that I was working yesterday, or would have known for sure that the schedule had to have been on Saturday when I wasn’t there. I would either have known not to drink like I did on Saturday night, or I would’ve had a damn good argument for why I was 45 minutes late for my shift.

So always double check your schedules, whether it’s your schedule at work, or your syllabi for classes. It is so much better to find out fairly last minute about something (shift change, essay due, quiz) than to have to thrown in your face, as happened to me.  And be careful with the damn boxed wine! There is nothing worse than a cheap wine hangover, sunshine!

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