Our Thoughts Are With Paris/Lebanon/Baghdad

Sorry for the lack of posts the last day or so. I was working on a post before work last night, when word of the Paris attacks came through. We have very good family friends who, through their work, travel Europe and have been headquartered in Paris a few times before, so blogging became a little less important until we heard from them. When we heard that everyone was fine and are here in Canada for the time being, news of Lebanon and Baghdad came through. It’s been a bit of an overload for everyone right now.

Also, I’ve studied Criminology and Psychology for years. A major focus of my studies has been, and will always be, mass violence and murder. I’ve been reading up on and studying cults since I was in high school. I studied brainwashing and recruitment techniques for fun for years. There is a part of my mind that sees all of this differently than from how it’s being reported to me in the news. Right now, I need to surround myself with research, with books, with candles and tears and maybe a few too many Manhattans, and just run away. I can’t look at these events, these bombings, these shootings, and just see these events. I can’t just turn off the television and walk away from them. Every time I see the news, I just want to know why. And I turn to what I’ve learned, and close off to the real world.

So if I’m a little out of sorts for the next while, I apologize. I still plan on posting and writing on here, and sticking with a few topics I was researching before this all happened. I’ll also be hermitting away at home, surrounded by textbooks and research papers, comparing recruitment and brainwashing and past attacks and media coverage….. basically, I’ll be more than a bit of a mess.

But my thoughts will be with all of those affected by all of these incidents in Paris, Lebanon, and Baghdad. I can’t imagine how they feel right now, how they are managing to get through their days, or how they can face the world after all they’ve seen. My thoughts are with them.

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