Once again, I’ve been gone quite some time. Honestly, growing up I always wanted to write. Having a blog like this (if they had existed when I was a little kid) would have been a dream to 8 year old me. But I’m not that kid anymore. I’m technically an adult now, even if I don’t feel like one. And for a while, having this blog just made me sad.

As an adult, I’m expected to have my life together, somewhat. I should have some sort of career, and a few good close friends, and have that whole “relationship” thing figured out by now. Most of my old friends are married, have kids, have amazing careers, own homes…… and then there’s me. I’m still living in a rented student room, stuck in a relationship I don’t want to be in, but am too broke to get out of. I work part-time in Customer Service, most of my friends have moved away, and in a city built on the auto industry, I have to walk everywhere. I am the exact opposite of an adult right now. Hell, I even  have  Jake the Dog “Adventure Time” onesie in my closet!

So, this blog made me feel like a fraud. Like I have no business telling people what to do, no business giving advice, no business pretending I have anything figured out. So I just quit writing after my temp job ended.

But I realized recently that having no business makes this my business. I know how things can go wrong, where they’re likely to go wrong, and how even the best laid plans can fall to pieces. I’ve been there, I’m living that. I can’t walk you through exactly what to do, but I can help you know what not to do. I’ve spent years trying to teach myself things that I wasn’t taught. I’ve done resume workshops, read assertiveness books, attempted crazy cooking experiments, all on an extremely tight budget. I can help you through that. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who also aren’t perfect (which is everyone, btw), and I’ve made it a point to learn from their mistakes as well. I can help you thanks to that. I have had so many bizarre, odd experiences in my life that I have a completely different view of things now than I did 10 years ago. I’ve changed, like we all do. And I can help you through your change.

So, I’m not promising to update this blog every day, or to change the world one word at a time. But I am going to push myself to put myself out there more, to write like I always wanted to, and to use this to help me through the changes I need to make in my life. I just  hope that, by me doing this, someone else out there learns from my mistakes before they go and make their own.