Quick post from my phone today about roommates and communication. THIS is our dish rack. Our Downstairs Roommates will wash their dishes (well, rinse off food in cold water, but that’s a whole other post!), put their dishes here, and wait for the Dish Fairy to put them away. My solution? Ask them to put their stuff away. How will they know that this bothers me if I don’t tell them?
Upstairs Roommate has a whole other solution. Everything below the backing pan was in the dish rack all day while I was at work. In the evening, he decided he wanted to wash his dishes. So he took everything out of the rack, and piled it up on the counter, completely blocking my coffee maker.

You don’t get between me and my morning caffeine.


So I asked him to move it. His solution was to actually THROW everything back onto the rack! He didn’t tell Downstairs to put it away. He didn’t tell them it bothers him. He didn’t even bring it up when he saw them. He just threw it all there and walked away in a huff.

So what did this teach them? NOTHING!!! That baking pan on top (that is still pooled with water) was placed on top last night while I was in bed. How do they know it shouldn’t go there?

My hours are strange right now. I’m not home much thanks to my two jobs, and am gone or sleeping most of the time Downstairs are home. Still, when I see them, I take the time to talk to them about things like this. Upstairs is home quite a bit, and has every opportunity to talk to them. He doesn’t, though.

If you never tell someone that something they do bothers you, how will they ever know?

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