Sorry for the silence the last few weeks. Things got a little bit…………. yeah……..

Well, for starters, I got a temp job. So I’m working 8 hours a day at my Alma Matter. Then, a few nights a week, I have my Customer Service job. So there are days where, I’m out the door by 8am to get to one job, leave from that job to go right to my other one, and don’t get home until around 10pm. So, I’ve been more than a little wiped out!

Secondly, my brother is moving home! He took a job in Sweden to teach a while back. He was doing great there, until our grandma got sick and passed away. Right after that, it stopped being sunny there (they get like 3 hours of sunlight a day at one point in the year). With his SADD, his long-distance relationship (boyfriend is here in our home town), and a lot of conflict at work, he decided to end his term there early and move home. So I’ve been helping the family deal with that (some see it as a mistake, some are worried about him, some are mad at him…….. it’s a little bit nuts).

On top of all that, my boyfriend and I started taking a good hard look at our financial situation. We want to move into a new place in the next 18 months. But I have credit cards I was living on when I was out of work (NEVER DO THAT!!!!!! I’ll talk more about that another day), a whole lot of Student Loan debt, and my day job is only a temp position. He is looking at going back to college for a year to upgrade his skills for a better job, and has taken on more responsibility at his Army job. So we’ve been spending a lot of time with that.

Add to that three roommates who drive me absolutely batty, some of the coldest temperatures and wind chill in recent history (and me walking to work in this every single day), our massive “Let’s get rid of a tonne of our junk and clear out the house” thing we’ve been working on (I have half a dozen boxes of donations stacked up in my room, and can’t get around them!!), and a new Costco membership to break in………. and I have no time for Internet!!!

I’m managing my time a bit better now, though. I’ll be colour-coding my day planner again, so I can make sure to make time for this blog. And in my down time at my day job, I’ll be switching between my Writing for Children online course, and making notes for this blog.

So see you all again soon!

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