Tips for Your Dorm Life

Since I never had the pleasure of living the dorm life, I’ll try to re-blog articles and posts from those who actually have.


Living in the dorms can be an amazing adventure—but it comes with its ups and downs. Here’s a list of 5 tips to help you decide whether or not dorming is for you.

1. Dorming can be costly

Living conveniently on campus comes at price: when you move into the dorms, you’ll need to purchase everything from scratch. Items that dorms typically don’t supply, such as a mini fridge, eating utensils and bed sheets are things that need to be purchased on your own before-hand. So in addition to the cost of pricy textbooks and other school supplies, living the dorm life can get expensive. But on a positive note, you won’t ever have to worry about commuting to school. Spending time in traffic or trying to find a parking stall won’t be an issue for you because when you dorm on campus, your classes are just a stroll away.

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