Showing A Little Respect

For many, starting school means being on their own and away from their parents for the first time. It also means living with roommates, housemates, flatmates, and other living arrangements. So today, we’re going to talk a little bit about respect for the people you’re living with.

As some of you may know, I’ve not been home much lately. After two weeks of staying in hospitals and a hospice to be with my grandma, she passed away Monday morning. This week was full of funeral planning, contacting relatives, visitations, and the funeral itself. Today is the first day I have had off from all of this in almost three weeks. Before this started, I told my two basement roommates that another roommate and I were planning to recaulk their shower for them (the landlord bought the supplies, and we get perks for doing things like this when he’s not here) while they were both gone for the Thanksgiving break. In order to do this, though, they would have to scrub their bathroom out for us. To make sure they remembered this, I left them a note on the fridge reminding them to clean before they left this morning.

Well, I just did a walkthrough of the house after a late lunch, and I am repulsed! Not only did they not clean up that bathroom before they left, they haven’t cleaned it once since they moved in more than a month ago! I walkthrough the other common areas of the house that we all share, and am now infuriated! They left the TV on in the living room, surrounded by protein bar wrappers and coke cans. Not only have my laundry soap and dish soap been used, but they added water to the bottles so that I wouldn’t notice at first glance. My food has been eaten, the sink was full of nasty dishes with food dried onto them (right next to the empty dishwasher, too), and the counter and stove tops are caked in baked on food. Now, not only do I have to tell the landlord that I won’t be able to help with the bathroom repairs right now, I also have to clean up after these two disrespectful jerks.

Sadly,this is all too common with people who are in school.These are not the first roommates like this I have had. Most of my friends have had roommates like this, or some who were even worse. Not only do roommates like this add extra work and stress on you, but they make you start to wonder things like “why do these people hate me”, or “what did I do to them to make them treat me like this”.

Are you one of these roommates? There is no shame in admitting it, as long as you recognize how absolutely disrespectful and mean it is. It’s never too late to make an effort towards being a better roommate. Also, it’s never too late to tell difficult roommates just how difficult it is to live with them.

Here’s something you might not realize when you, or your roommates, act like this: people talk. Think about it; right now, you’re reading about these two jerks on my blog. My friends (some of whom are in school, and some of whom are homeowners who rent out rooms) have heard me complain about them by name. When they’re looking for roommates or tenents, they’ll remember what I’ve told them. Chances are, they’ll bring these two up to their friends as well. At the end of their lease here, when they go looking for a new place to live, what are the chances that they will look at one of the many places where people have now heard about what crappy roommates they are?

It’s all very simple: don’t be a jerk. Show some respect to the people you live with. You never know when you’ll run into someone they know, who they’ve talk to about you.

You also never know which roommates run blogs, or post on other social media, and may be telling the world about you right this very second.

So this opens up my new on-going segment here on The Failed Grown Up. “Roommates from Hell” is a collection of stories from both myself and my friends, all about the strange/awkward/dangerous/unhealthy situations we’ve found ourselves in thanks to our roommates. So be sure to keep checking in for more of my random ramblings on the topic!


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