I Wasn’t Prepared for My Preparedness Post………… Oooops!

Ironically, I was going to prepare a post for today about how you should always be prepared for anything. I was going to go into the basics of planning ahead, because life happens all around us.

Well, then life happened to me.

I’m writing this post on a borrowed iPad while sitting next to my grandma’s bed in the hospice. I didn’t take my own advice and plan ahead for this. While I did have a few weeks of posts scheduled before this, I didn’t have anything for this week.

Learn from my error.

Once we’re a little more settled here, I will be preparing for emergencies like this. How? I could do things like save drafts of posts that can be posted at any time during the year. This could be anything from horror stories from roommate experiences past, to tips for studying and writing papers. I could also keep notes with me for simple posts that can be done of hone go. And, of course, I could always make sure I have a few weeks of posts scheduled ahead of time to make sure things like this don’t happen again.

So keep checking in for more posts. Soon I will be talking more about organizing, scheduling, and planning. I am researching a series on effective study and writing habits. Also, I hope to start up my Roommate Horrors series. Stay tuned for the Tale of Too Much Protein, Where is my Freakin Cheese, and Why I Was Allergic to My Own Kitchen. These stories are all based either on my own personal experiences in university, or stories from my friends’ time at school.

So check back here in the coming weeks for a little more of the usual, and a little less of this “typing from a hospice recliner”.


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